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Java Timtang - Food (is very delicious taste)

Jumat, 01 Mei 2015 - Diposting oleh Indah Nur Amalia di 19.00
Java Timtang is company’s name (Home industry) one of that moving deep alimentary processing area. We victual with material of potato.

Slogan that we utilizes which is “ Java Timtang,rasa Italia harga laka- laka” why are we choose or use that slogan since we give that new innovation this our product feature Javanese original product that have relative price are a steal.
Pack that we utilize to pack Java Timtang is with mica that gets to form measure box be. Each 1 case contains 4  at the price Rp.3000,-/wrapped up. Price that we offers really relative be reached to divide consumer.

We plan will market our product via brochure and commercial’s video. And we will market our product with directly fall to field; will offer to excess society and our product top so product we are acceptable at marketing.

This is our product, JAVA TIMTANG, with the cheapest price, the most delicious food you’ve ever ate and has much contens in every box and sure it can make you satiate. Come on, buy it and get the sentation

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